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EasyMultiTag - 2.10   Рейтинг 
 от Ingasoftplus  
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Обзор продукта: EasyMultiTag - EasyMultiTag - 2.10
EasyMultiTag will allow you considerably to expand functionality of BrowseBox.
  • Tagging of any records (both separate and ranges) using Windows-style, by colour, by icons, invisible, using hot keys and popup menu or buttons.
  • High-speed filtration and calculation of the totals. Instantaneous Inversion.
  • Transfer all necessary information about tagged records, Range Limits and Sort Order into standard procedures REPORT and PROCESS.
  • Storing and restoring.
  • Built-in support for Drag&Drop, EIP and QBE.
  • and much more!
To use tagging you need to have a PRIMARY KEY and up to 8 fields inside of any types. 

Note. PRIMARY KEY is unique, includes all records in the file, and does not allow "null" values in any of the fields comprising the KEY. This is the definition of a file's "Primary Key" per the relational database theory as expressed by E. F. Codd. This is a good thing to have PRIMARY KEY in your relational database! 

You'll get libraries, templates, examples and complete documentation for the class and templates, annotated example.

Starting from EMT 2.10 there are two editions available:
  • Standard Edition (EMT SE) - delivered as compiled LIB / DLL libraries.
  • Source Code Edition (EMT SCE) - delivered as compiled LIB / DLL libraries and full CLW source code.

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