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EasyExcel - 4.08   Rating 
 by Ingasoftplus  
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Product Overview: EasyExcel - EasyExcel - 4.08
Have you ever dream to export or import your data to Excel in 1 minute?

EasyExcel is a Class and a set of Templates, providing you with the ability to:
  • Create a new sheet and name it,
  • Delete a range of cells (or row, or column),
  • Draw a box around a range of cells,
  • Create a table,
  • Search a range of cells for a text string,
  • Retrieve Excel properties,
  • Fill a Clarion queue with a selected range of cells,
  • Export a Clarion queue to a workbook starting at a user selectable position,
  • Merge a range of cells together,
  • Print the currently open Excel sheet,
  • Find and replace operation on a range of cells,
  • Save the current Excel sheet,
  • Turn screen updating on or off to speed up data exporting,
  • Find a free cell after a range of cells,
  • Set the alignment for a range of cells,
  • Set the background color for a range of cells,
  • Set the font for a range of cells,
  • Set the data format for a range of cells,
  • Set cell width for a range of cells, Set row height for a range of cells,
  • Set text wrapping for a range of cells,
  • Set vertical alignment for a range of cells,
  • Assign an Excel property value,
  • Auto fit columns and cells,
  • Convert a Clarion date to an Excel recognized date,
  • Convert Clarion time to Excel recognized time,
  • Insert row or column,
  • Create a page footer,
  • Create a page header,
  • Set paper size, Set printing zoom,
  • Run an Excel macro,
  • Import your data,
  • Create a charts
  • Conditional Format template - sets conditional format for a range of cells
  • and do much more in Excel from your Clarion application!

These templates and methods allows the programmer to manipulate data on both sides. Data can be read from the Excel sheet, modified, and then written back to the sheet, formulas can be added to the sheet, macros can be added and executed.

This release is the first EasyExcel release, that uses COM technology, so you receive now a full control over Microsoft Excel.

EasyExcel  supports all Excel version that support COM automation (NOT starter, student or home version).

You'll get libraries (LIBs and DLLs), templates, examples and complete documentation for the class and templates (CHM file).

 Download Trial/Demo  Downloads: 9719
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