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1st Logo Design
About us...
We are located in beautiful Springville, Utah, and have been in the advertising business for over 26 years.  Our customers come because of our great prices, but they return for the quality and customer service they find.  We have a complete design team ready to meet all your design needs from icons to corporate identities and everything in between. 

We won't compromise quality work to save time or money. We personally guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. We go the extra mile in every project that we do. We strive to attain perfection in each project. Customer satisfaction is our goal.  

So what is in a name?
Gitano = (hit-an-o) Spanish word for gipsy.

When thinking about a business name I wanted the name to somehow reflect part of Spain, the country where I was born.  Looking back to when I was a little boy in Spain I remembered my grandfather taking me for walks to see the trains.  We always went to the same place, "El Puente de los Tres Ojos",  a name given to a bridge that has 3 arches in Vallecas, Madrid.  Close to the bridge was a gipsy camp thus the name "Gitano". 

While designing our logo there too I wanted to accomplish 2 things, 1- to give the idea of the many services we provide, and 2- continue with the Spanish theme.  The "Fan" accomplished both things at the same time.  Fans are used widely in Spain, they can be seen in just about every "flamenco" dance and "gitanos" are famous for their flamenco.  An open fan has various arcs and thus representing various services/products.   show / hide Products
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Add-in Express Ltd.
ADD-IN EXPRESS LTD. is a privately held software development company located in Belarus (Eastern Europe). Established in 1998, Add-in Express Ltd. is the pioneer of tools and solutions based on Microsoft Office.
The company’s primary product focus is on enhancing the capabilities of Microsoft Office applications. Now we provide a variety of tools for .NET and VCL platforms purposed for deep integration with Microsoft Office. Add-in Express products will also allow you to enjoy enriched capabilities of Internet Explorer.
Our professionalism and expertise, high level technical support service and focus on our customers’ success will never make you regret that you have joined our friendly community.
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Allround Automations
About us
Allround Automations, based in Enschede, The Netherlands, is a privately held company, founded in 1989. Allround Automations is a leading provider of Oracle development tools, with more than 240,000 users at more than 34,000 companies and organizations in 140 countries.

Allround Automations vision is simple: provide useful tools for Oracle developers at a reasonable price, and focus investments on product development and customer support. This vision has made Allround Automations and its products a valuable asset in the Oracle development community.

Allround Automations products are used in a wide variety of sectors, such as financial services, e-business, pharmaceuticals, education, health, telecommunications, the military, and software companies. Currently 62% of the Fortune 100 companies are using our products, and 69% of the Global 100 companies, including companies such as Wal-Mart, BP, Ford, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Citigroup, Siemens, Verizon, Deutsche Bank, American Electric Power, Motorola, Boeing, and McKesson.   show / hide Products
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Altima Technologies, Inc.
Solutions for Today’s Network
Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies is focused on delivering world-class solutions and services for designing, managing and optimizing IT network infrastructure and audio/video networks.

Our flagship software suite, NetZoom™, is a leading standard for creating professional network design and documentation for hundreds of thousands of network professionals around the world. Known for its comprehensive library of intelligent, manufacturer-specific equipment shapes, NetZoom makes it possible for professionals to design and document their network infrastructure in meticulous, relevant detail. And with new tools for designing racks and data center floors, NetZoom continues to set higher standards for what is possible in network design solutions.

Partnerships with Leading Manufacturers
Professionals depend on our solutions for making critical design, implementation and management decisions about their network. Complete and accurate information regarding network assets and connectivity are of utmost importance. That is why Altima Technologies is an active partner with the world's leading manufacturers of IT infrastructure and audio/video hardware.

We work directly with manufacturers like Linksys, APC, ADC, Siemon and Ortronics to ensure the quality and integrity of the NetZoom equipment library. Serving as "The Complete Hub" for professional-grade equipment shapes and Visio stencils, Altima has offered more than 120,000 intelligent shapes to date, representing equipment from over 3,500 manufacturers.

As demand grows for NetZoom equipment shapes and Visio stencils, Altima offers manufacturers tailored programs to make these resources available for internal use and custom applications as well.

Creating Custom Solutions with NetZoom™
When great ideas come together, they often lead to great products - like Google Maps, Apple's iPhone and integrating NetZoom with Microsoft Visio. Considering the complexities in designing, building and managing networks, there is enormous potential for improving productivity and adding simplicity in this space.

Software developers, equipment manufacturers and other companies have used NetZoom equipment libraries and technologies to bring such solutions to market successfully. Whether it is a solution you would like to release to the world or something you want to create for internal use, Altima has the assets, technology and experience to help you create the next great solution.   show / hide Products
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Amazing Software
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