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eBook: Using .NET assemblies in Clarion for Windows - 1.00   Rating 
 by Ingasoftplus  
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Product Overview: eBOOK_Clarion_and_NET - eBook: Using .NET assemblies in Clarion for Windows - 1.00
Some time back in 2012, we wrote an April Fool's joke, our EasyBeeper  demo. It was intended to be amusing but it was a real working example of how to use the .NET Framework COM wrapper written in C# with Clarion.  Later on the idea to write an article was born.

Before you begin you may want to know what tools you'll need if you will want to recreate the example from scratch (for your review the full source code is attached to this article). To build a C# DLL you'll need Visual Studio with a C# compiler. To build a Clarion application you'll need any version from Clarion 6.0 onwards; the attached application is written in Clarion 8. You'll also need OleView.exe to generate the IDL file, and of course EasyCOM2INCv2.14 – it may be freely downloaded and installed from our website.

In the Part 1 we will learn how to create COM-objects in C# and use them in the Clarion.
In the Part 2 we will learn how to handle COM events.

Are you ready? Good luck!

You will get eBook in CHM, PDF (20 pages) and Windows eBook (EXE) formats and full source code.
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