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EasyExcel - 4.08   Rating 
 by Ingasoftplus  
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Our user   2018/05/19
Our user   2007/07/09
Wow! A great product with fantastic support.

I purchased EasyExcel 4.03 from Ingasoftplus about two weeks ago. A customer was tired of always formating and otherwise enhancing their Excel spreadsheets by importing a Clarion created csv file.

EasyExcel has been a dream to work with. First of all there lots of pre-made templates for straightforward stuff and then there is an excellent help file which provides all of the parameters, examples, etc. Needless to say this is very well written.

I needed an Excel method (Sorting) implimented. It is was not implimented in the latest version I purchased. After I explained what I needed, a new file was e-mailed to me the next day with the SortRange method for me to use. Although this worked, there were still some issues with what Ingasoftplus had provided. So, I sent a more detailed example of what was needed (I should have done that the first time) and the next day -- this morning -- I received their latest update. It all works. Happy customer and a very happy developer.

If you need to create and/or manipulate Excel spreadsheets go out and buy EasyExcel.

Great product! Fantastic support! Highly recommended!

Paul Konyk

P.S. I have no financial connection to Ingasoftplus.
Our user   2007/09/03
EasyExcel is a must-have product. It gives me absolute control over Excel files.

In about 2 hours after downloading, I had a fairly complex program up and running, where I can drag an unknown Excel file from a folder, drop it into a Clarion window, and EasyExcel can positively identify the spreadsheet by reading cell values. This is only about 1% of EasyExcel's capabilities from what I see.

Its fast also, even on an overloaded Windows machine. I understand that this version uses COM instead of OLE, which accounts for its speed and stability.

Its very easy to install. I've had no EasyExcel questions. Ingasoftplus did send me an .app example of how to do drag & drop file capturing. This is above and beyond what I expcected. Outstanding support.

Bob Sorrells

P.S. I have no financial connection to Ingasoftplus either.
Our user   2007/01/18
Very good tools! Keep moving!
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