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Codejock TaskPanel 2017 - 18.3.0   Rating 
 by Codejock Software  
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Product Overview: cj_taskpanel - Codejock TaskPanel 2017 - 18.3.0
Codejock Software's Xtreme TaskPanel provides Windows developers with a sophisticated Office Task Panel similar to what is seen in Microsoft? Office and Windows Explorer.

The TaskPanel is a very versatile control giving developers many options. Developers can choose to have the TaskPanel look and feel like a Visual Studio .NET Tool Box, Windows Explorer TaskPanel, or an old style Outlook bar. In addition to changing the behavior or the TaskPanel, you can choose from many different built in themes that affect each TaskPanel behavior differently. You can choose from themes such as Visual Studio 2005 “Whidbey”, Office 2003, and Windows XP.

With the Task Panel’s grouping feature you can easily manage your application shortcuts and have a unique way of displaying information to your users. Groups of items can be expanded or hidden with the click of a mouse.

Customization is painless. Users can edit the contents of items with the built in edit box. This allows them to name groups and items to whatever they choose.

Full “drag and drop” support makes organizing items in the task panel quick and easy. Users can move items to the desired location with a simple drag and drop. Helpful indicators are displayed telling the user where items can be dropped as they drag them around within the groups of the TaskPanel.

Toggle buttons can even be used to indicate that multiple items are selected at the same time.

As users navigate through the groups in the TaskPanel they will enjoy stunning animations as your items are displayed. Items can be presented as text or as icons.

With the built-in ImageManager control, you can easily add 32 bit Alpha Icons to your TaskPanel.


Product Features
  • Full Drag and Drop support allowing you to easily rearrange individual items or entire groups of items.
  • Many different built-in themes including Visual Studio 2005 “Whidbey”, Office 2003, and Windows XP or you can create your own custom appearance.
  • Several different Task Panel behaviors are included which include Windows Explorer, List Box, and Tool Box.
  • Various hot tracking styles are provided to indicate which items are selected and which item the mouse is hovering over.
  • Can be used as a traditional Windows style Task Panel, or a Visual Studio style tool box.
  • Task Panel items can be normal text, hyper links, or any other control such as an Edit Box or Combo Box.
  • Supports 32 different languages including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages.

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