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EasyDotNet ver 1.09 released! EasyDotNet   di  Ingasoftplus
  1. TEventLog class provides interaction with Windows event logs on local or remote computer.
  2. TDrawingBitmap class encapsulates a GDI+ bitmap, which consists of the pixel data for a graphics image and its attributes (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, EXIF, ICON).  A Bitmap is an object used to work with images defined by pixel data.
  3. TDrawingMetafile class defines a graphic metafile (WMF, EMF).  A metafile contains records that describe a sequence of graphics operations that can be recorded (constructed) and played back (displayed).
  4. Both TDrawingBitmap and TDrawingMetafile objects can be displayed in standard Clarion IMAGE control.

Updated demo app.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
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