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EasyHTML ver 2.02 released! EasyHTML   di  Ingasoftplus
  • RTF to HTML converter: invalid src value if image path contains spaces;
  • In ReadOnly mode it was accidently possible to cut, delete or replace in html (Ctrl-X, Delete and Replace dialog).
  • Regression: Navigator template did not enable navigation events.
  • EncodeImages could fail if image's <src> missing or blank.

  • RTF to HTML converter: now produces unique image names;
  • InsertScriptSource ? ScriptSource have been renamed:
    InsertScriptSrc() inserts file script (<script src="myscript.js"/>);
    InsertScriptText() inserts text script (<script>function message(text) { alert(text); };</script>);
    Now it's allowed to insert more than 1 script in a html file;
  • Charset property (get/set);
  • PrinterName property (get/set);
This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
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