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EasyCam ver 2.00 released! EasyCam   di  Ingasoftplus
  • NEW: Playing local and remote video files (.avi). New class methods are: RenderMediaFile, RenderMediaUrl, GetMediaDuration, GetMediaCurrentPosition, SetMediaCurrentPosition, GetMediaStopPosition, SetMediaStopPosition, GetMediaRate, SetMediaRate, IsMediaOpened, IsPlaybackComplete.
  • NEW: "Playback" tab in the demo app allows you to play local and remote video, pause it, rewind, change the speed.
  • FIX: Camera resolutions which use MJPG encoding did not work properly.
  • CHG: SetTextLogo method now accepts font style and text position. The logo can be docked to any edge of the video area.
  • CHG: ZXing.Net upgraded from to
  • CHG: EasyCam6.tpw removed, EasyCamZoomCtrl.tpw added.
  • FIX: Internal bug fixes and improvements.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
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