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Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.11 released! EasyEdgeChromium   di  Ingasoftplus
SDK: 1.0.1418.22

WebView2 Runtime: For full API compatibility, this version of the WebView2 SDK requires WebView2 Runtime version 107.0.1418.22 or higher.

Release notes:
Delivering the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to Windows 10 Consumers:
Microsoft: We're bringing Edge WebView2 to more Windows 10 devices, and here's why:

Bug fixes in SDK 1.0.1418.22 and WebView2 Runtime
  • Fixed a bug in which the custom header title in print settings could be wrong.
  • Display AllowedCertificateAuthorities in OnClientCertificateRequested event as a Base64 string.
  • Fixed a bug in which the default footer URI in print settings is missing.
  • Fixed a bug that produces a null pointer exception that's related to print settings.
  • Fixed a bug that reports navigation failure when redirecting to a server that has been configured with Client Certificate Authentication and when the WebResourceRequested event is subscribed to.
  • Fixed an AddHostObjectToScript bug in which, when JavaScript calls an async method and then a synchronous method, the async method call might fail.
Bug fixes and New Features in Easy Edge (Chromium) 1.11
  • FIX: Custom context menus now can display images.
  • FIX: "Unresolved external SHGetFolderPathA" error (Clarion 8 only).
  • FIX: "Language" template prompt was too short.
  • FIX: Embed points KeyDown and KeyUp were placed after PARENT call.
  • NEW: GetWebView2HWND method returns a handle of WebView2 window.
  • NEW: GetRenderWidgetHostHWND method returns a handle of the rendered window.
3 dots context menu
  • 3 dots context menu appears when a user selects text on a web page. It has new "Search with Bing" and "Define" items. 
  • "Search with Bing": opens built-in Bing search panel.
  • "Define": opens popup with a definition of selected word or phrase.
This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
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