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EasyListView ver 1.12 released! EasyListView   di  Ingasoftplus
CellEditKeyEngine - an engine that allows you to customize the behavior of arbitrary keys in edit-in-place mode.
  • NEW: UseCellEditKeyEngine property enables/disables CellEditKeyEngine.
  • NEW: CellEditTabChangesRows property makes EasyListView change the row being edited when the user presses [Tab] while editing the last editable cell on a row.
  • NEW: CellEditEnterChangesRows property makes EasyListView try to edit the cell below the cell being edited when the user press [Enter].
  • NEW: SetCellEditKeyBehaviour method sets the behavior of a given key.
  • NEW: New template tab "Edit-in-place".

CHG: In embeds tree all embed points related to EasyListView events moved to "Events" branch. The list of moved embed points:
  •  "Cell value changed"
  •  "Double click"
  •  "Format cell"
  •  "Format row"
  •  "Group task clicked"
  •  "Can drop"
  •  "Dropped"
  •  "Item checked"
  •  "Property changed"
  •  "Right click"
  •  "Selected row index changed"
  •  "Selected row indices changed"
  •  "Sort order changed"
  •  "Watch control value changed"
This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
Designed by mixer ®, 2006

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