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Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.08 released! EasyEdgeChromium   di  Ingasoftplus
SDK: 1.0.1210.39
WebView2 Runtime: 101.0.1210.39 or higher.
Release notes:

Client certificate request
NEW: OnClientCertificateRequested event: raised when WebView2 is making a request to an HTTP server that needs a client certificate for HTTP authentication.
NEW: TClaEdgeClientCertificateRequest class: allows an access to a list of mutually trusted CA certificates.
NEW: Client certificate example.

Multiple profile support
Now you can have multiple WebView2s running with separate profiles under a single user data directory (i.e. a single browser instance at runtime), which means separate cookies, user preference settings, and various data storage etc., to help you build a more wonderful experience for your application.
NEW: Template: Profile tab, where you can set the name of the profile, InPrivate mode, the default download folder path, the preferred color scheme associated with this profile.
NEW: Profile.DefaultDownloadFolderPath property: the default download folder path.
NEW: Profile.PreferredColorScheme property: the overall color scheme associated with this profile. This sets the color scheme for UI like dialogs, prompts, and menus. Available schemes are: Light, Dark, and Auto (current OS color scheme).
NEW: OnControllerCreated event: raised when a CoreWebView2Controller created. This is right place to change profile properties.

Process info
NEW: OnProcessInfosChanged event: raised when a collection of WebView2 Runtime processes changed due to new process being detected or when a existing process gone away.
NEW: TClaEdgeProcessInfos class: allows an access to a list of WebView2 Runtime processes and their properties.

Failed initialization
NEW: OnInitializationFailed event: raised when the initialization failed.
NEW: Template settings for failed initialization: "Show error message" and "Close the window".


NEW: Template: allows to use ApplicationData common folder for User Data Folders.
NEW: Template: allows control of whether or not other processes can create WebView2 using the same user data folder..
FIX: Template: Global Environment settings applied if local settings are not defined.

Demo application
CHG: User data folder is located inside ApplicationData common folder.

CHG: Overloaded Init method now takes a parameter of TClaEdgeEnvironmentSettings type.
CHG: Template: Events are grouped by their purpose.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
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