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Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.07 released! EasyEdgeChromium   di  Ingasoftplus
SDK: 1.0.1185.39
WebView2 Runtime: 100.0.1185.39 or higher.
Release notes:

FIX: Apps built in Clarion ("Legacy") template chain threw an exception in OnFrameCreated event.
FIX: "Duplicate symbol: TYPE$BITMAPFILEHEADER" error.
FIX: Template inline comment error in C6.3.
FIX: Missing coinitex.lib for C6.3.
FIX: IsSwipeNavigationEnabled set property didn't work.

Context menu: Enables host app to create or modify their own context menu
NEW: OnContextMenuRequested event: Raised when a context menu is requested by the user and the content inside WebView hasn't disabled context menus.
NEW: OnCustomItemSelected event: Raised when the user selects custom context menu item.
NEW: TClaEdgeContextMenu class: Allows an access to context menu properties, adds and removes menu items.
NEW: Custom context menu example.

NEW: OnStatusBarTextChanged event: Raised when the text in the statusbar changes.
NEW: StatusBarText property: The current text of the statusbar.
NEW: Custom statusbar example.

External drop
NEW: AllowExternalDrop property: Enable/disable external drop.

Pdf Toolbar
NEW: HiddenPdfToolbarItems property: Hide/unhide the PDF toolbar items like "Save", "SaveAs", "Print".

NEW: OnFramePermissionRequested event: Raised when content in an iframe or any of its descendant iframes requests permission to access some privileged resources.

DevTools Protocol
NEW: SetDevToolsProtocolEventReceiver method:
NEW: OnDevToolsProtocolEventReceived event: Raised when the corresponding DevToolsProtocol event is raised.
NEW: CallDevToolsProtocolMethodForSession method: Runs an asynchronous `DevToolsProtocol` method for a specific session of an attached target.

NEW: Template: global enviroment options can now be overridden in local extensions, so every Easy Edge instance may have its own browser data, such as cookies, permissions, and cached resources.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
Designed by mixer ®, 2006

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