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Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.06 released! EasyEdgeChromium   by  Ingasoftplus
SDK: 1.0.1150.38
WebView2 Runtime: 99.0.1150.38 or higher.
Release notes:

NEW: Global template option "Custom install procedure" allows to call a custom install procedure instead of built-in DownloadAndInstallRuntime method.
NEW: Global template option "Do not copy DLLs" to prevent from copying the dlls to the app folder.
NEW: OnBasicAuthenticationRequested event raised when WebView2 encounters a Basic HTTP Authentication request as described in  or an NTLM authentication request.
NEW: OnNavigationCompleted/OnFrameNavigationCompleted events can report 2 new error statuses: ValidAuthenticationCredentialsRequired and ValidProxyAuthenticationRequired.
NEW: Local template: (Environment tab) "Enable single sign on with AAD resources" checkbox.
NEW: UserDataFolder method returns the user data folder. This could be either the value passed to Init method or the calculated one for default handling. And will always be an absolute path.
NEW: Overloaded DownloadAndInstallRuntime(STRING downloadUri) method.
NEW: Embed point Initialization->Init method.
NEW: The demo app now includes HTTP basic authentication example.

HTTP basic authentication and NTLM authentication
By default HTTP basic authentication and NTLM authentication requests inside WebView2 show the authentication UI, which is a dialog prompt in which the user can type in user name and password credentials just like in the Edge browser. We have been requested by WebView2 app developers to provide finer granularity for managing HTTP Basic/NTLM authentications inside WebView2, including the ability to hide the login UI and provide credentials.

Azure Active Directory
NEW: Init method now supports optional allowSingleSignOnUsingOSPrimaryAccount parameter (false by default).
It determines whether to enable single sign on with Azure Active Directory (AAD) resources inside WebView using the logged in Windows account and single sign on (SSO) with web sites using Microsoft account associated with the login in Windows account.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.
Designed by mixer ®, 2006

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