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EasyOpenOffice ver 1.07 released! EasyOpenOffice   by  Ingasoftplus
Bug fixes
  • MailMerge - hang in OpenOffice version 3.3 and later
  • WriteCell - incorrect writing of big decimal values
  • SaveAs - was corrected work with pOverwrite parameter
  • SetScreenUpdating - prevent user interaction during data transfer
  • Save code template (EasyWriter) - didn't generate proper code when "Save as" filter was other than "Default".

Changed templates
  • Save code template (EasyCalc\EasyWriter) - added "export only" option

New methods
  • SetSheetName (EasyCalc) - sets sheet name
  • SetVisible (EasyCalc\EasyWriter) - hides/shows application.
  • SetAutoFilter (EasyCalc) - sets/removes AutoFilter on previously selected range.
  • SetDatabaseRange (EasyCalc) - sets new or selects existing Database Range in the spreadsheet. 
  • SetSheetProtection (EasyCalc) - sets/removes sheet protection.
  • SetCellProtection (EasyCalc) - sets/removes cells range protection.
  • SetRowColVisible (EasyCalc) - sets row/column range visibility.
  • SetCellComment (EasyCalc) - sets cell's comment.
  • AddGraphic (EasyCalc) - inserts images into Calc sheet.

Changed methods
  • ReplaceAll (EasyCalc\EasyWriter) - added pRegExp parameter 
  • FindFirst (EasyCalc\EasyWriter) - added pRegExp parameter
  • SaveAs (EasyCalc\EasyWriter) - added pExportOnly parameter

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