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PowerWF Studio: Visual Powershell. Workflow fuelled by Powershell - 2.4.3  
 by Devfarm Software  
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Product Overview: PWF-OTH-ULT - PowerWF Studio: Visual Powershell. Workflow fuelled by Powershell - 2.4.3
Drag & Drop Script Development

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface IT administrators can quickly automate their daily tasks without having to become scripters themselves.

PowerShell Editor

PowerWF comes bundled with PowerSE, a full featured PowerShell Script Editor and debugger.

Two-way editing

Whether you are comfortable with simple drag-and-drop operations or a experienced PowerShell Scripter, PowerWF allows you edit your workflow either way. Integrated search lets you find samples from PoshCode and Technet and turn them into PowerWF workflows. And only PowerWF gives you the ability to orchestrate PowerShell scripts.

Infinitely Expandable

Every PowerShell Snap-In & Module automatically becomes a Windows Workflow Activity in PowerWF, allowing you to create workflows that encompass virtual any environment.


PowerWF supports a wide range of deployment options to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of 3rd party applications and RBA solutions.

Context Sensitive Help

Detailed help for each PowerShell command is available, including examples that can be directly imported.

Full Featured Code Editor

Complete IntelliSense coverage of PowerShell, DotNet and WMI.  Code completion and intuitive color Syntax Highlighting speed PowerShell development.  PowerSE's Syntax Checking instantly lets you see errors in your code and quickly jump to error lines to fix the problem.

Comprehensive Debugging Environment

PowerSE supports breakpoints, step-into, stepping functions and had the ability to view the Call Stack & Watch Variables.

Context Sensitive Help

PowerSE displays detailed help for each PowerShell command, including examples that can be directly imported into the product.

Embedded PowerShell Console

Execute scripts and PowerShell cmdlets directly within the PowerSE console.

Visualize PowerShell

PowerShell script results are visualized in the embedded data grid and property grid. Select columns and sort results in the data grid, then let PowerSE automatically generate the accompanying PowerShell.

Leverage The PowerShell Community

Integrated search lets you find samples from PoshCode and Technet and insert them into PowerSE.

Edit Multiple Scripts

The Multi-Document Interface in PowerSE lets you easily switch between tabs to edit and test multiple scripts, each with its own PowerShell host.

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