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Codejock Controls 2017 - 18.3.0  
 by Codejock Software  
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Product Overview: cj_controls - Codejock Controls 2017 - 18.3.0
Codejock Software's Xtreme Controls provides Windows GUI software engineers with numerous ready-to-use MFC components that have been thoroughly designed and tested. This comprehensive set of object-oriented components has been designed to handle most any GUI application development requirement.

Many useful controls such as ToolTip Windows, Flicker-free Drawing and Animation, Window Shadow Manager, Shortcut Controls, Caption Control, Tip of the Day Dialog, Enhanced Multi-Selection Tree Control, Color Picker Control, Themed Buttons, Hyperlink Control, Enhanced Splitter Window, System Tray Icon Control, Font Selection and Auto-Complete Combo Box Controls, Browse Edit Control, Browse for Folder Dialog, Hex Edit Control, Masked Edit Control, Resizable Layout Manager, MDI Windows Manager, Popup Control, MDI Tab View Control, and a Custom List Control.


Product Features
  • Includes an abundant amount of ready to use high quality controls.
  • Many different tabbed controls including Flat Tab View, MDI Tabbed Interface, MDI Tab View, and Enhanced Tab Control.
  • Several distinct shortcut bar controls including an Outlook, VS.NET, and Pager style shortcut bar.
  • Various dialog controls including the Tip of the Day, Browse for Folder, Resizable Layout Manager, and MDI Windows Manager dialogs.
  • Windows Shell API controls such as the Sytem Tray Icon control and Windows Shell List and Tree controls.
  • Enhanced Office style font and size combo box controls.
  • Advanced edit controls such as the Browse edit, Hex edit, and Masked edit controls.
  • Supports 32 different languages including Right-to-Left (RTL) languages.

 Download Trial/Demo  Downloads: 1653
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