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EasyDotNet ver 1.06 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
TMessageQueue now supports transactional queues and messages. 1 modified and 4 new methods. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.05 released! Updated DEMOs! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
New TWinToastManager class and updated DEMO applications read more read more
EasyCam ver 1.08 released! Updated DEMO! EasyCam   by  Ingasoftplus
New features added. read more read more
EasyCam ver 1.07 released! Updated DEMO! EasyCam   by  Ingasoftplus
New features added. read more read more
EasyCOMCreator ver 1.06 released! EasyCOMCreator   by  Ingasoftplus
Clarion 10 support added read more read more
EasyXML ver 1.07 released! exml   by  Ingasoftplus
Method changed and new updated app. read more read more
EasyXML ver 1.06 released! exml   by  Ingasoftplus
Bug fixes. read more read more
EasyListView ver 1.10 released! EasyListView   by  Ingasoftplus
Bug fixes and new methods. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.04 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
New TMessageQueue class and 2 demo apps HelpDesk (server) and UserApp (client). read more read more
EasyHTML ver 1.03 released! EasyHTML   by  Ingasoftplus
New method. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.03 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
New TProtectedData class, TSignedXml class, TAesManaged class, TTripleDES class, TSHAManaged class and THMACManaged class,changes and updated DEMO application. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.02 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
New TZipFile class, TZipArchive class, TZipArchiveEntry class and TGZip class, changes and updated DEMO application. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.01 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
New TScreen class, changes and updated DEMO application. read more read more
EasyDotNet ver 1.00 released! EasyDotNet   by  Ingasoftplus
EasyDotNet is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET Framework Class Library. It covers a several most useful classes. The .NET Framework class library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that provide access to system functionality. read more read more
EasyListView ver 1.09 released! EasyListView   by  Ingasoftplus
New feature. read more read more
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